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This The Double Backpack, in this Special Edition, is truly surprising because it is equipped with a LED device on the shoulder strap, which allows you, through the Magic Display App, to write and communicate your emotions. It also winks the eye at the environment as it is made of Eco Material, a durable and high quality ecological fabric, obtained from the reuse of 30 PET bottles of 500 ml. Completely reversible: in 3 simple moves you detach the backrest, turn it over and you have another backpack! It has large room at its internal and on each side a comfortable pocket, in addition to the front one, to have all you need for school or free time at your fingertips. With the padded backrest and shoulder straps lined in outer fabric and breathable mesh, then, wearing it is safe and comfortable. What are you waiting for? This backpack will leave you speechless, but never with nothing to say!

Padded and lined with outer fabric. Detachable and compatible with all the The Double Reversible and Cover-Backpacks.
29 LT
33x44x16 cm
Other features
Backpack Reversible. Single compartment with pocket on both sides. Application Led on shoulder strap. Built-in on/off button that allows through app to write texts and emojis.
Pocket on both sides.
Shoulder straps
Padding with outside fabric and breathable net.
Recycled Polyester
4 years