Seven® for Planet

Communication of significant environmental aspects

Seven SPA has assessed the environmental impact resulting from its activities using the procedure suggested by the Uni EN 14001 standard as described below. The environmental aspects are collected in a document and for each of them its own environmental impact, its significance, the controls, the reference procedures are defined. The legal requirements have been identified and the environmental management procedures defined for all significant environmental aspects.

The environmental aspect refers to the element of the activities, products or services of an organization that can interact with the environment; the environmental impact, on the other hand, is any change to the environment, positive or negative, resulting in whole or in part from the activities, products or services of an organization.

The evaluation of the significance of the aspects and the consequent environmental impacts constitutes the starting point of the eco-management system of Seven SPA, the working tool that it uses to define programs and objectives, to establish intervention priorities for the improvement of its environmental performance.

The significant environmental factors listed below are taken into consideration in the context of our operating activities.

  • Research and design of products with a lower impact on the environment;
  • Periodic smoke analysis check for CO2 emissions;
  • Management controls inserted by the environmental system (monitoring of resource consumption).