We are increasingly designing products using materials from recycled products. Our commitment to recycling also extends to designing packaging that can in turn be "recovered" during waste sorting processes; for this reason, we provide indications on how to dispose of the product components at the end of their life, and the related packaging.


Our products are designed to last; however, if you find defects, remember that we can repair your purchase both during the 2-year legal warranty and in the next 2 years, if it is a product covered by the 2+2 Plus Warranty. For more information, go to page


Our products stand out for their quality and their ability to last over time; however, if you decide to change your product for a new one, remember that the old one can be reused by a family member or friend.


We have set ourselves the goal of creating collections with more and more products made using recycled materials; this helps us to give new life to plastic waste (e.g., PET bottles), while reducing the consumption of other resources necessary to produce new materials.